Pulaski Township

 Historical  Society

 Est. 1836                             Illinois                               ZIP:  62548

. . .           Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .                                                      . . .   Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .                                                      . . .   Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .                                                      . . .   Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .      



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City of Mount Pulaski
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Gen. Casimir Pulaski

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Becomes a
School House (1857 - 1877)

       MT. PULASKI COURTHOUSE       MP 175th Anniversary Celebration

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Abe's Connection to
Mount Pulaski
1854 Cast-Iron
Tombstone Trial
1847 - 1848
 8th Judicial Circuit
Mt. Pulaski HS Burned Down
1911 (artist rendition)
Young Lawyer Abraham Lincoln rode this circuit for 12 years ...
Mt. Pulaski's Logan County Seat ... (1849 - 1855), then to the Lincoln County Seat (1856-1860)
Mt. Pulaski Township Historical Society Museum click here
      Yankee Windmills made in Mt. Pulaski
1890's Surrey - Blade of
Yankee Windmill on wall
0rnate tin ceiling next to
skylight on 2nd floor
1900 Presidential Republican Rally

MP Zion Lutheran Students
                                                                                                  A look at the 1848-1855 Logan County Seat
                                                                                                 MP Courthouse at Christmas Time

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Fountation 
Mount Pulaski Courthouse Foundation

Looking-For-Lincoln Project 2009
   Mt. Pulaski Old Settler's Meeting - special guest:
21st Illinois Governor Joseph W. Fifer, 1889-1893, a Republican [Young Gov. Fifer - center; Jabez Capps to his immediate left]

Picture taken by Marshall A. Duboce, Mount Pulaski
– given to H. J. Wible, publisher of the Mount Pulaski Times-News, by Paul Beidler, previous publisher.       
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Brothers - Charles & Glenn Wagner frolicking in the great sleet Storm -
Dec 17 of 1925

[provided by June Rockwell]

Area Old Pictures & Old News 



   Old Chestnut  Photos
~ Most of the Pictures are i




Mount  Pulaski Cemetery                 Steenbergen Cemetery

McCann Restaurant / Confectionery / Tavern Interior, Chestnut, Illinois, in 1930s

[provided by Jo Richner]

 Logan County Townships
 & Surrounding Counties
Map of Mt. Pulaski (click above)      County & Mt. Pulaski  <--mapquest     Maps to Mt. Pulaski (click on either map, above)

     2011 Mural depicting the Wright Bros. 1910 $10,000 bi-plane versus      No longer a Courthouse, it became a school house,            IL. Central offered both passenger & freight service for many years
                   IL Central train race from Chicago to Springfield through Mount Pulaski                  City Hall & jail house, then a Post Office, etc.



Mt. Pulaski & Vicinity War Veterans One of Many Local Service Who Died in Service to their Country
Lt. Robert Horn, WWII   SGT. Carl Patterson



Erected in 1895   -    Retired in 1987  
Capacity:  57,000 gallons

Erected in 1987

Capacity:  300,000 gallons

   Information provided by:  Emerson Horn - Illinois Licensed Rural Water District Director, deceased
(former Alderman of Mt. Pulaski Water and Sewer Committee)



"Winning Duo"
Les Werntz &
Claus Tanner
Cletus Clobus
1939 World's Fair
Wheat Queen
Eileen Froehlich
Illinois BB HOF -
Ed Butkovich
Florence Stoll -
Kitchen Band
  Nashville Music Award
Winner - Jeff Schlitt
2008 Vintage
Fashion Show
U of I All-Western
Forrest VanHook
MP Schools Band & Vocal Instructors spanning
 57 yrs.




Mount Pulaski, IL.   (1915)

[letter uncovered by James Hickey, former curator of the Lincoln Collection, Springfield, IL.]

Notable People

Jabez Capps - Tri-Founder

G. W. Turley - Tri-Founder

Prudence Ann Capps Beidle
1st-Born Girl of American Settlers in MtP Township

Vaughn De Leath
1st Lady of Radio

Herbert Ryman, Jr.
Lead Artist & Disney Imagineer

A. Lincoln Marker

A. Lincoln / Judge David David
 Cast-Iron Tombstone Trial - 1854

Mt. Pulaski House Hotel - 1850's
IL. 8th Judicial Circuit Lawyers

Wilbur Wright Landed Here
During a $10,000 Race

"Vinegar Hill" bootleggers

Mt. Pulaski Yankee
Windmill Company

Mt. Pulaski Coal Mine Disaster

Tank car Explosion - 1958

Mt. Pulaski Horse Shows

[became the Logan Co. Fair - 1937]

Annual Mt. Pulaski Fall Festivals

 MPTGS - built in 1912 - razed in 1985

MPTHS - built in 1912 - razed in 2020

MPHS - new edition 2020

History of MPHS Basketball

4th in State - 2021

Cornland" celebrates Zip Code Day

Mt. Pulaski American Legion
Ryman-Fuiten Post 447

1933 MP Glee Club

175th Anniversary Viewpoint

Harry "Abe" Hahn

Samuel Linn Beidler
1st MP Pharmacist


Frank Capps

Dr. Herbert Ryman, Sr.
Honorably Buried at Arlington

Donald Beidler

Edwin Goodpaster
Editor & Bureau Chief: Time Magazine, Baltimore Sun

Stubblelbine's Band
MPHS Music Teacher

Richard & Delmar Stewart - Annual Lakefork Sale

2012 MPTHS Fundraiser
Maxine Downing & Dolly Buckles

Phyllis Beccue - Chair of
annual Christmas
on Vinegar Hill

COVH Vendor Display

Roger Capps - great-great-grandson of Tri-Founder, Jabez Capps

Tom Romer - Vinegar Hill Brass Band


S. Linn Beidler, Roy Carter,
Gene Connolley, Dean Shultz  Drug Stores

Dick Romer - Master Clocksman, Collector