175th Celebration


"Our Shining City"    by Pat                 Early History of Mount Pulaski   by Phil

Lincoln Daily News: Mount Pulaski ends 175th year with New Year's Eve gathering

Lincoln Courier: Mount Pulaski concludes 175th celebration - welcomes new year





June 30th - July 4th                2 0 1 1


Mount Pulaski churches join in celebration of town's heritage


175th Parade
(Lincoln Daily News On-Line)
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175th Faces from Vinegar Hill
(Lincoln Daily News On-Line)

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Mt. Pulaski
Distinguished Alumni and Citizens Awards
June 30, 2011(Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum)


July 4 Mt. Pulaski Man makes a rifle
that would do Washington proud

Frontier coaches by local manufacturer, Don Leonard

Mount Pulaski 175th -Main Page


June 30, July 1, July 2, July 3, July 4 SCHEDULE

June 30 Golf Tournament at Elks

May 10 Lincoln Courier article

Feb. 12th MPHS courthouse re-enactment

Representative Bill Mitchell's General Assembly Resolution
for Recognition of Mt. Pulaski's 175th Anniversary . . . 1836 - 2011

Pulaskians Paying Homage to the Old Year & Cheering in the New Year

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  Jan 3 Mt. Pulaski Kicks Off 175th Anniversary Celebration

 Jan 3 Mt. Pulaski Poses for 2011     Jan 4 Hilltopper Happy New Year

Jan 3  Mt. Pulaski Kicks Off 175th Anniversary Celebration

Jan 3
Mt. Pulaski Poses for 2011

New Year's Eve Kick-off ... Dec. 31st

Mount Pulaski & the Lincoln Court
 in Mount Pulaski 1836 1855  

by phil bertoni (Mount Pulaski, 2010)