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The Jabez Capps & Samuel Linn Beidler page

Mike Maxheimer: I recognize the triplets mother and father and I imagine the baby is Uncle Linn (mom's brother, he was 9 years older than the triplets). I see Uncle Don, Uncle Tell, the old man in the back is Samuel L. Beidler. He is the father of all these people. These are all Uncle to the triplets. Imogene was the only girl.

Linn was born Sept 25 1897 and the triplets Dec 19 1903 - so Linn was 6 years older. So this must be 1898 or 1899.. So that must be Don right in front of baby Linn? The Old guy is Samuel Linn Beidler (looks like his other photos). Tall guy is Dr. Will Swain. Rell I think is back row far right. Paul is back row far left.

[provided by Mike Masheimer]

Front Row: Samuel or D.K. Turley, John Scroggin, Ward Clark, L. K. Scroggin, Governor Fifer, Jabez Capps, William Donnan, Judge Fisher, Henry A. Baldwin from Cornland. Second Row: Adam or C. P. Schafer, Dick Templeman, William Munce, Sylvester Strong of Atlanta, Samuel Linn Beidler, Dr./Major Wemple, Rev. Slagle, Captain David Van Hise, John or N. P. Gasaway, J. O. Alexander, William Uhle, Dr. Phillip Oyler, James Muldoon, Frank Z. Beidler. Standing, rear, Carl Dubace, Rell Beidler, Donald C. Beidler, Robert B. Beidler. Children: Clarence Goodrich, Paul F. Beidler, Bessie Olyer, Donald C. Beidler, Robert B. Beidler.

The picture was taken by Marshall A. Duboce, Mount Pulaski Photographer - given to H.J. Wible, publisher of the Mt. Pulaski Times-News, by Paul Beidler, previous publisher.