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Samuel Linn Beidler
Pharmacist, Post Master, Mount
Pulaski Weekly News publisher
       Shortly before the Civil War, Samuel Linn Beidler arrived in Mt. Pulaski from his home
near Middletown, Penn., and erected the brick building on the west side of the square, on
he site of this city's first structure, the 2-story log building of Jabez Capps, one of the
founders - the first floor being used for his mercantile business and the second for his
residence quarters.  Abraham Lincoln often visited there, as Jabez and Mr. Lincoln
knew each other in Springfield, where Jabez initially made his residence with his first wife
and three sons. 
       Mr. Beidler opened up a drug store, and for more than 80 years this line of business
line of business has continuously been conducted there.  The city's post office was
located in this structure for many years in its early days when Mr. Beidler was also the
postmaster.  The photograph shows the front of the building (circa 1870's).  In the
picture, L-R:  Thomas Smedley, S. Linn Beidler, Frank Beidler, Scott Salisch, George C.
and Rell C. Beidler, while in the doorway are John L. Beidler and Dr. Will A. Swain.  Out of
this group, four are living (in 1939):  Dr. Swain, Decatur; Mr. Salisch, Texas; George C.
Beidler, employed by the Daily News in Chicago; and Rell C.
Beidler, Mount Pulaski. 
       The basket which Mr. Salisch has on his shoulder contains copies of the Mount
Pulaski Weekly News, ready to be taken to the post office.  H.J. Wible,
125 Yesteryears
of Mount Pulaski Illinois, 1961

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Samuel Linn Beider's Drug Store - re-built in 1894   
Pictured: L-R:  John L. Beidler, Dr. Will A. Swain

Note:  the reflection of the school house with its bell tower.  The school
house was the former Logan County 8th Judicial Circuit Courthouse,
which served the county, 1848 - 1855.  The school was housed in this
this location during the years, 1857 - 1877.  The structure was returned
to its original appearance (refurbishment years: 1936-1939). 
The Jabez Capps
S. L. Beidler page 

S.L. Linn Beidler's home on South Marion Street (as it existed in 1960's)
S.L. Beidler home as it exists today.
Roger Capps, descendent of Jabez Capps.