Mount Pulaski

Business Directory

[The Lincoln Herald, Lincoln, Illinois - 1 January, 1880]

(Contributed by Bill Donath, LCGHS)


Dry Goods – J. R. Race & Co: and George S. Sawyer & Co.

Dry Goods and Groceries – Frank Schick, W. W. Martin, and Mrs. P. Huck.

Groceries – H. S. Beckmeyer, Geo. Mayer & son, David Klotz and Fred Richman.

Drugs, Books and Notions - S. Linn Beidler and George & Nolan.

Boots and Shoes – Geo. Phil. Zeiss, Geo. S. Sawyer and Ernest Drobisch.

Furniture and Undertaking - John Zimmerman and R. S. Hershey.

Restaurants – S.  A. Owen and John O. Mason.

Meat Markets – Johnson Noel, John Roth, and Joseph Engelhardt.

Ladies Furnishing Goods – Mrs. A. C. Pumpelly.

Hardware and Farming Implements – C. F. Schafer & Co. and Schweigekhardt & Max.

Milliners and Dressmakers – Mrs. Delila Mason, Mrs. A. J. Page, Mrs. Goodrich & Barkly and Mrs. Mellie Miner.

Dress Makers – Miss Lillie C. Finney, Mrs. J. B. Gordon & Miss Jennie Gordy, Miss Hattie Northcut & Miss Sadie Wilson and Mrs. A. J. Page.

Wagon Makers – Jacob and George Jenner, Uriah Snider and w. F. Bender.

Blacksmithing – W. A. Schafer, Shafer & Vonderlieth, G. T. Snider, John Vogel, W. F. Beidler and Joe A. Pierce.

Practicing Physicians – P. H. Oyler, M. P. Phinney, C. F. Poppele, E. George, E. C. Nolan, J. H. Beidler and F. D. Case.

Watchmaker and Jeweler – H. F. Lushbaugh.

Harness and Saddle-Makers – Jacob and J. W. Mayer.

Barbers – Valentine Emlich and Herman Minder

Saloon Keepers – Meister & Lang, George and Henry Mayer, A. F. Danner and John Lipp.

Clothing and Gents Furnishing Goods – s. M. Reinheimer, Bro. & Co. and Ernst A. Danner.

MusicTeachers – Prof. Ed. Capps, Miss Kate Miller, Miss Flora Turley, and Mrs. M. J. Turley.

Hotels – Scroggin House, J. M. Floyd, proprietor, Mt. Pulaski House, Hamilton Turley, proprietor.

Boarding Houses – J. H. Capps, Davin Sherry, J. Manning and Mrs. Val. Emlich.

Mt. Pulaski Mills – John Lincoln, proprietor

Custom Mills – Billington & Co.

Mount Pulaski Elevator – John Lincoln, proprietor

Junction Elevator – McFarlin & Wood, proprietors

Geo. A. Beam, grain dealers, office opposite the tile works.

Boot and Shoemakers – Ernst Drobisch, Frank Bauer, Gottlieb Ebinger, Jno. G. Seyfer, John Faller and Jessie Holden.

Tailors – Christ. Miller, E. A. Danner, Adolph Drobish, Gus Weidenbacher and O. A. Miner.

Carpenters - W. H. Ralston, T. O. Snyder, Alex Morrow, Charler Butzer, Louis Butzer, Fred Weiller, W. Erlenbusch and C. C. Washburn.

Painters, etc. – E. E. Werlich, Columbus Cones, R. H. Clark, John Danner, Geo. A. Robinson and T. L. Weakley.

Attorneys at Law - S. L. Wallace and A. G. Jones.

Brickmasons and Plasterers – John Vonderlieth, William Wagner, P. A. Lord and A. Sweazy.

Dentists – W. L. Lord and T. A. Davis.

Broom-maker – H. R. Haven.

Baker – John Lipp.

Billiard Hall – W. H. Sams.

Mt. Pulaski Bank – Scroggin & Sawyer.

Express Agent – Geo. S. Sawyer.

Station Agents – James W. Beavis, P. D. & E.; G. H. Waldo, I. C.

Post Master – Linn Beidler.

Mt. Pulaski Nursery - J. Capps and son.

City Ice House – Eb. S. Capps.

Plow Repair Shop – W. A. Schafer.

Livery Stable - J. B. Gordon.

Fish Dealer – A. R. Barnes.


Village Officers

Board of Trustees – U. Snyder, president; w. A. Schafer, S. L. Wallace, J. R. Ayers, Henry Vonderleith and Jno. W. Seyfer.

Charles Capps, clerk; M. Wemple, police magistrate; A. G. Jones, city attorney; F. V. Nicholson, constable; Henry Bobel, street commissioner; C. F. Schafer, treasurer; Fred Bush, secton.

Photographer – M. A. Duboce

Town Officers – John Reinders, supervisor; John Vonderlieth, tax collector; C. S. Landis, assessor; John Yeager, clerk; Fred Fueton, Sam Upp, R. B. Lucas, commissioners of highways.

Justices of Peace – Jacob Yager, James Muldoon.

Constables – A. F. Danner, J. H. Dement.

Mt. Pulaski ‘Citizen’ – J. W. Wolfe


Public Schools

Board of Directors – U. Snider, president; Geo. Huck, clerk; John W. Mayer.

Geo. W. Dominick, principal; Mrs. M. George, first assistant; Mrs. Katie P. Seyfer, second assistant; Miss Frank Dyer, third assistant; Mrs. Eva Lord (nee Mathes) fourth assistant; Miss Mecca Robinson, fifth assistant; Rev. C. Starck, instructor in German.

Town Trustees – David Vanhise, Lewis Conrad, R.  B. Lucas.

Township Treasurer – W. W. Martin.

Mt. Pulaski Lodge, No. 454, I. O. O. F.; John Dement, N. G.; J. W. Rogers, secretary.

Lucas Lodge, No. 516, I. O. O. F., (German); Jno. W. Seyfer, N. G.; David Klotz, secretary.

Mt. Pulaski commandery, No. 39, Knights Templar; S. Linn Beidler, E. C.; Geo Mayer, St. Rec.

Mt. Pulaski Chapter, No. 121, R, A. M.; John H. Toole, H. P.; J. W. Ewing, scribe.

Mt. Pulaski Lodge No. 87, A. F. & A. M.; M. Wemple, W. M.; S. S. Capps, secretary.

Mt. Pulaski Tile Works – D. Vanhise & Co.

Lumber Yard – C. T. More and F. D. Cass.

Draymen – Geo. F. Pfeil and Chas. Tilbury & Son.

Notaries Public – A. G. Jose, S. L. Wallace, Jacob Yager and J. Warren O’Brien.

Fairbank Stock scales – S. Linn Beidler, proprietor.

Coal Yard – Geo. F. Pfeil.

Machine Repair Shops – J. M. Whitney.

Hair Dressing – Mrs. A. R. Barnes.

Mt. Pulaski Saw Mill – C. E. Snyder & Bro.

Church Directory – M. E. church, Rev. C. Powell in charge; Evangelical, Rev. A. Woehr; first Lutheran, Rev. J. T. Boetticher; second Lutheran, Rev. C. Starck; Universalist, Rev. D. P. Bunn.