The Mount Pulaski Township Historical Society’s first fund-raiser of 2012 is a colorful quilt on which Maxine Downing and Dolly Buckles worked together in the museum, using an 1800’s quilt rack that is used for display, otherwise.  The quilt’s design utilizes an old “Broken Star” fabric pattern that Wally Kautz donated to the museum – it had belonged to Wally’s grandmother. The ladies stitched and stitched (over 200 hrs.), using lots of cotton-filler backing for each design, complete with a bright-green cotton border.  The result is a beautiful and cozy full-bed quilt cover.  Raffle tickets will soon go on sale for the quilt:  $1 ea, 6 for $5.   It was noticed that the quilt was whisked away after the meeting for safe-keeping elsewhere!

       The Mt. Pulaski Museum on the south side of the square is now open:  March thru November (Noon – 4 pm), Tues thru Sat.  The 2-building 2-story museum is full of family, business, school and music information and photos – also includes an Abraham Lincoln section, a host of famous Mount Pulaski happenings and a military section showing many of the men and women military uniforms from the Civil War to the present, including photos and information of area soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  There is also a genealogical section which includes many family biographical treatises as well as all the published town and county history books.  The museum has a chair-lift.  There are no entrance fees, but a donation box is available.  President Sue Schaffenacker can be reached at:  792 – 5693, Secretary Joyce Maxheimer at:  792 – 5723.                                      


Photo & article by Phil Bertoni