Mount Pulaski, Ill. (UPI) - A tank car explosion that killed two men and injured 40 others has turned Mount Pulaski into a near "ghost town."
Every window in town was broken as shock waves reverberated from the blast late Sunday. Winds fanned the flames which swept to 10 other freight cars and left the Illinois Central Railroad switching yards a scene of destruction.
Civil Defense authorities said at least 1,000 residents were forced to spend the night elsewhere, most of them in nearby Lincoln, in the wake of the explosion that made most homes unlivable.
Authorities said that as near as could be determined the railroad tank car was carrying a volatile solvent which was touched off during a switching operation.
Killed were railroad crewmen ROBERT GLOVER and JACK GRIFFIN, both of Mattoon, Ill.
As a column of residents moved away Sunday night, one looked back at the near-deserted village and said "this place looks like a ghost town now."

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