Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Celebration

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse

Feb. 12., 2011

Narrator Jordan Taylor



L-R:  Patrick Bree (Nathaniel Whittaker-Plaintiff); Sam Fielden (Reuben Miller-Defendant); Mark Foley (Abraham Lincoln-lawyer for the defendant); Brady Walsh 8th Gr (John Hurt-Bailiff); Samantha Fanning (Mrs. Miller-wife of the defendant); Justin White (Judge David Davis); Rebecca Henrichsmeyer (Matilda Whittaker-wife of he plaintiff); Timothy Koehler (Forman of the Jury); Caleb Coppinger (Preacher Uriah Schwalb); Jordan Taylor (Narrator); Derek Baunach (David Campbell-lawyer for the Plaintiff); and seated: Nick Raineri 8th Gr (Raspus Finfrock-Mt. Pulaski House bartender).

Abraham Lincoln (Mark Foley) and Plaintiff Lawyer, David Campbell (Derek Baunach) conferring with Judge David Davis (Justin White)



Chris Vallillo, nationally acclaimed folksinger, songwriter and folklorist who presented "Abraham Lincoln in Song"

1836-2011 Cookies by Helen Schmidt

Mary Todd Lincoln Almond cake by Mike & Jennifer Richner

Mrs. Miller (Samantha Fanning) - wife of defendant Rueben Miller, fainting upon hearing the verdict against her husband

Abraham Lincoln (Mark Foley) explaining "preponderance" to the Forman (Timothy Koehler) and Judge David Davis (Justin White)

Abraham Lincoln (Mark Foley) pointing out the signatures of Nathaniel Whittaker (Patrick Bree) on the 1853 Cast-Iron Tombstone bill of sale document

Mt. Pulaski House Bartender Raspus Finfrock (Nick Raineri) on witness stand answering questions about is boss, Nathaniel Whittaker

Wives of defendant (Samantha Fanning) and plaintiff (Rebecca Henrichsmeyer) arguing with each other during the court proceedings

Chris Vallillo speaking to the audience before his performance