1. HR0077 97TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY    Bill Status
... 5, community; and. 6, WHEREAS, Mt. Pulaski was founded in 1836 by Jabez Capps,. ...
11, Revolutionary War; and. 12, WHEREAS, Mt. Pulaski is home to one of two remaining ...

Representative Bill Mitchell's General Assembly Resolution
for Recognition of Mt. Pulaski's 175
th Anniversary (1836-2011)

Feb. 17th, 2011


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      WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
  Representatives are pleased to congratulate the people of Mount
  Pulaski as they celebrate the 175th anniversary of the
  community; and
      WHEREAS, Mt. Pulaski was founded in 1836 by Jabez Capps,
  George Washington Turley, and Dr. Barton Robinson; it is a town
  of 1,800 people quietly nestled in the southeastern part of
  Logan County; the town was named after Count Casimir Pulaski, a
  Polish Brigadier General, who gave his life in the
  Revolutionary War; and
      WHEREAS, Mt. Pulaski is home to one of two remaining
  original courthouses where Abraham Lincoln practiced law on the
  Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit from 1849 to 1854; and
      WHEREAS, In October of 1900, President William McKinley,
  former President Grover Cleveland, Vice President Teddy
  Roosevelt, and John D Rockefeller came to Mt. Pulaski for a
  large Republican Rally during the re-election campaign of
  President McKinley; they stayed overnight at the Mt. Pulaski
  House Hotel and 1200-1500 people attended the rally; and
      WHEREAS, In 1910, the famous Wright Brother's


    HR0077 - 2 - LRB097 10003 KXB 50174 r

1   Airplane-Train Race, which started in Chicago at Washington
2   Park, went through Mt. Pulaski to the Illinois State
3   Fairgrounds in Springfield; Wilbur Wright's bi-plane raced an
4   Illinois Central train, and stopped for refueling and water
5   four blocks south of the town square; and
6       WHEREAS, Mt. Pulaski earned the nickname "Vinegar Hill"
7   because, prior to the repeal of the eighteenth amendment
8   (prohibition) in 1933, Mt. Pulaski stayed "wet" longer than the
9   surrounding "dry" towns; Mt. Pulaski had 13 prosperous saloons
10   and a few bootleggers and the railroads brought customers into
11   town from every direction; people would come with empty flasks
12   and leave with full ones; upon nearing town, the conductor
13   would call out "Vinegar Hill next stop"; and
14       WHEREAS, In 1936, on the 100th year anniversary of the
15   Village, the courthouse was established as an Illinois State
16   historical site; therefore, be it
19   we congratulate the people of Mt. Pulaski on this
20   quartoseptcentennial celebration and wish their community
21   continued success for years to come; and be it further
22       RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be


    HR0077 - 3 - LRB097 10003 KXB 50174 r

1   presented to the people of Mt. Pulaski as a symbol of our
2   respect and esteem.