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 Est. 1836                             Illinois                               ZIP:  62548

. . .           Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .                                                      . . .   Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .                                                      . . .   Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .                                                      . . .   Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .Abraham  Lincoln  practiced  law here                  1849 - 1855 . . .      

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City of Mount Pulaski
History of Mount Pulaski
                                                                       Mount Pulaski Township Historical Museum                                   Mt. Pulaski Welcome Sign                                                     Mt. Pulaski House Hotel - 1850's


Gen. Casimir Pulaski

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Becomes a
School House (1857 - 1877)


       MT. PULASKI COURTHOUSE       MP 175th Anniversary Celebration

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Abe's Connection to
Mount Pulaski
1854 Cast-Iron
Tombstone Trial
1847 - 1848
 8th Judicial Circuit
Mt. Pulaski HS Burned Down
1911 (artist rendition)
Young Lawyer Abraham Lincoln rode this circuit for 12 years ...
Mt. Pulaski's Logan County Seat ... (1849 - 1855), then to the Lincoln County Seat (1856-1860)
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Stories, events & pictures from early 1930's thru early 70's
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 Harry J. Wible, owner, publisher, photographer  
1890's Surrey - Blade of
Yankee Windmill on wall
0rnate tin ceiling next to
skylight on 2nd floor
1900 Presidential
Republican Rally
161 pages of the
History of Mt. Pulaski
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                                                                                                  A look at the 1848-1855 Logan County Seat
                                                                                                 MP Courthouse at Christmas Time

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Fountation 
Mount Pulaski Courthouse Foundation

Looking-For-Lincoln Project 2009

   Mt. Pulaski Old Settler's Meeting - special guest:
21st Illinois Governor Joseph W. Fifer, 1889-1893, a Republican [Young Gov. Fifer - center; Jabez Capps to his immediate left]

Picture taken by Marshall A. Duboce, Mount Pulaski
– given to H. J. Wible, publisher of the Mount Pulaski Times-News, by Paul Beidler, previous publisher.       
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Brothers - Charles & Glenn Wagner frolicking in the great sleet Storm -
Dec 17 of 1925

[provided by June Rockwell]

Area Old Pictures & Old News 



   Old Chestnut  Photos
~ Most of the Pictures are i




Mount  Pulaski Cemetery                 Steenbergen Cemetery

McCann Restaurant / Confectionery / Tavern Interior, Chestnut, Illinois, in 1930s

[provided by Jo Richner]

 Logan County Townships
 & Surrounding Counties
Map of Mt. Pulaski (click above)      County & Mt. Pulaski  <--mapquest     Maps to Mt. Pulaski (click on either map, above)

      2011 Mural depicting the Wright Bros. 1910 $10,000 bi-plane versus            No longer a Courthouse, it became a school house,               IL. Central offered both passenger & freight service for many years
                             IL Central train race from Chicago to Springfield through Mount Pulaski                    City Hall & jail house, then a Post Office, etc.



Mt. Pulaski & Vicinity War Veterans One of Many Local Service Who Died in Service to their Country

Mt. Pulaski American Legion
Ryman-Fuiten Post 447
   Lt. Robert Horn, WWII                SGT. Carl Patterson, WWII Hall Rental Information  CLICK HERE



Erected in 1895   -    Retired in 1987  
Capacity:  57,000 gallons

Erected in 1987

Capacity:  300,000 gallons

   Information provided by:  Emerson Horn - Illinois Licensed Rural Water District Director, deceased
(former Alderman of Mt. Pulaski Water and Sewer Committee)



"Winning Duo"
Les Werntz &
Claus Tanner
Cletus Clobus
1939 World's Fair
Wheat Queen
Eileen Froehlich
Illinois BB HOF -
Ed Butkovich
Florence Stoll -
Kitchen Band
  Nashville Music Award
Winner - Jeff Schlitt
2008 Vintage
Fashion Show
U of I All-Western
Forrest VanHook
MP Schools Band & Vocal Instructors spanning
 57 yrs.
Snippet from 2014
 R & B Winter Quarterly

Logan County Fair Origins

in Annual Mount Pulaski Horse Shows 1912 - 1936





Mount Pulaski, IL.   (1915)

[letter uncovered by James Hickey, former curator of the Lincoln Collection, Springfield, IL.]

Notable People

Jabez Capps - Tri-Founder

G. W. Turley - Tri-Founder

Prudence Ann Capps Beidle
1st-Born Girl of American Settlers in MtP Township

Vaughn De Leath
1st Lady of Radio

Herbert Ryman, Jr.
Lead Artist & Disney Imagineer

A. Lincoln Marker

A. Lincoln / Judge David David
 Cast-Iron Tombstone Trial - 1854

 A. Lincoln at the Mt. Pulaski House Hotel

Wilbur Wright Landed Here
During a $10,000 Race

"Vinegar Hill" bootleggers

Mt. Pulaski Yankee
Windmill Company

circa 1902

Mt. Pulaski Coal Mine Disaster

Tank car Explosion - 1958

Mt. Pulaski Horse Shows

[became the Logan Co. Fair - 1937]

Annual Mt. Pulaski Fall Festivals

 MPTGS - built in 1912 - razed in 1985

MPTHS - built in 1912 - razed in 2020

MPHS - new edition 2020

History of MPHS Basketball

4th in State - 2021

Cornland" celebrates Zip Code Day

Mt. Pulaski American Legion
Ryman-Fuiten Post 447

1933 MP Glee Club

175th Anniversary Viewpoint

Hilltopper BB - 4th in State

Harry "Abe" Hahn

Samuel Linn Beidler
1st MP Pharmacist


Frank Capps

Dr. Herbert Ryman, Sr.
Honorably Buried at Arlington

Donald Beidler

Edwin Goodpaster
Editor & Bureau Chief: Time Magazine, Baltimore Sun

Stubblelbine's Band
MPHS Music Teacher

Richard & Delmar Stewart - Annual Lakefork Sale

2012 MPTHS Fundraiser
Maxine Downing & Dolly Buckles

Phyllis Beccue - Chair of
annual Christmas
on Vinegar Hill

COVH Vendor Display

Roger Capps - great-great-grandson of Tri-Founder, Jabez Capps

Tom Romer - Vinegar Hill Brass Band

H.J. Wible, Mt. Pulaski


S. Linn Beidler, Roy Carter,
Gene Connolley, Dean Shultz  Drug Stores

Mrs. Florene Stoll, director of the MP Kitchen Band

Dick Romer - Master Clocksman, Collector