Vonderleith Living Center Visit to the Veterans

Today, we give thanks to our veterans, here, who no longer can muster out on the fields or in our cemeteries.  We do remember your devotion to our country and we will always always - be very grateful for your service and life-long devotion to our flag.

       I would like to read a prayer that no serviceman or servicewomen like yourself - needs to try to comprehend because you understand these words well you have their meaning in your minds and hearts you have courageously put your life on the line with your service to our country.   Rather, these words are for those who have not served in the United States Armed Forces.

       This is a wartime prayer of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of our 32nd President of the United States, Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt:


Dear Lord,
     Lest I continue
          My Complacent way,
     Help me to remember that somewhere,
          Somehow out there
     A man or woman died for me today.
     As long as there be war,
          I then must answer
     Am I worth fighting for?


Phil Bertoni, Commander
Mt. Pulaski Ryman-Fuiten American Legion Post 447     
26 May, 2008