Old Photos submitted by Barbara Jo Richner

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Photo # 11 -- Jabez Capps, Founder of Mt. Pulaski, and great grandfather of the Swain Triplets.

Photo # 12 --  McCann Restaurant/Confectionery/Tavern Interior, Chestnut, Illinois, in 1930s.

Photo # 13 -- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, Chestnut Grade School, 1939.
Back Row:  Nigel Dittus, Nimrod (Jake) Dittus, Dorothy Grathwohl, Miss Edna Haynes, teacher, Charles Patient, Dwaine Kretzinger, John Noel Williams, Lois Donnan, Norma Jean Johansen.
Front Row:  Carol Marshall, Forrest Dean Armstrong, Barbara Jo McCann, Harold Dean Grathwohl, Shirley Buehler, Joanne Lamar, Dolores Hein, Connie Kuntzi.

Photo # 14 -- Grades 4, 5, & 6, Chestnut Grade School, 1942
Far Row, Front to Back:  Barbara Jo McCann, Gerald Reidle, Betty Ann Baker, Dorothy Grathwohl, Wayne Koenig, Charles or Oliver Letterle.
Middle Row:  Joanne Lamar, Bill Myrick, Bobby Meadows, Dwaine Kretzinger, Norma Jean Johansen, Lyle Hamblen, Charles Patient.
Front Row:  Colleen Armstrong, Rex Buehler, Nimrod (Jake) Dittus, John Noel Willams, Bob Keck, Ray Hamblen.
Standing:  Ruth Anderson, teacher

Photo # 15 -- Grades 4, 5, 6, Chestnut Grade School, 1943
Far Row, Front to Back:  Lois Donnan, Norma Jean Johansen, Dorothy Grathwohl, Bobby Meadows, Charles Patient, teacher, Ruth Anderson.
Middle Row:  Frances Maske, Joanne Lamar, Barbara Jo McCann, Gerald Reidle, Eddie Allen, John Noel Williams, Ray Hamblen.
Front Row:  Dolores Hein, Nigel Dittus, Jack Dittus, Shirley Buehler, Dwaine Kretzinger.

Photo # 16 -- Mt. Pulaski High School girls, 1949.
Back Row:  Kathleen McCubbin, Rita McGee
Middle Row:  Dorothy Fullriede, Alice Gaffney, Barbara Jo McCann
Front Row:  Normalee Spellman, Mary Lucas, Shirley Buehler, Marcia Moore.

Photo #17 -- Home my Grandfather Swain had built in about 1903 just before the triplets were born in December of that year.  His wife, Imogene Beidler Swain is looking out the window.  Her mother, Prudence Ann Capps Beidler is sitting on the porch, and the three men are brothers (Beidlers) of my grandmother Swain, I believe.  the Swain's son, Linn B. Swain is sitting on the lawn with one of his uncles.  This home is still standing in Mt. Pulaski, one block west of the bank building on the southwest corner of the square.  It was being remodeled in the fall of 2005 when I was back in Illinois for a visit.

Photo # 18 -- Swain triplets, Prudence, Miriam, and Louise, at about 12 years old.

Photo # 19 -- Swain triplets, Prudence, Miriam, and Louise, at about 12 years old

Photo # 20 -- Swain triplets, standing Louise, Prudence, Miriam in swing.  Little girl?
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