Old Photos submitted by Barbara Jo Richner

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Photo # 21 -- Chestnut Heavyweight Basketball Team -- 1940
Back Row:  Mr. Joseph Armstrong, Coach, Loren Simcoe, Loren Watson, Noel Gene Baker, Jack McCann, Raymond Letterle, Manager.
Middle Row:  Oliver Letterle,  Weldon Bowles
Front Row:  Leonard Matheny, Hatcil (Buss) Lamar, Gerald Heft.

Photo # 22 -- Front cover of the program the photo #21 came from, showing an ad from Bob and "Mele" Keck who bought the McCann restaurant/confectionery/tavern from my uncle after my dad died in a car accident in 1939.

Photos # 23 & 24 -- Inside pages on either side of the photo, showing advertisements

Photo # 25 -- Back cover of the same program, giving schedule, team lineups, etc.

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